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5 Day Online LIVE Mentor Led Data Science Workshop. Attend 5 Sessions. 7.5 hours of training. LIVE Mentor. Build 1 project.

No Coding Experience Required!

Taxes as Applicable. GST @18% – Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

… get started with Data Science

+ In Session Content

  • 7.5 hours of training

  • 5 LIVE Mentor Coding Sessions

  • 1 Project in your GitHub

  • 1 Blog Post on Medium

  • 100 Days Study Plan eBook

  • Priority Access to Workshops and Webinars by GreyAtom

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Unlimited Chat Support

+ Self Paced Content

  • 123 Assignments

  • 15 Quizzes

  • 5 Cheat Sheets

  • 4 Projects

  • 12 months access to Learning Platform

Taxes as Applicable. GST @18% – Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

…you need 3 things to succeed…

17,500+ students skilled by GreyAtom in least 3 years. We have seen students succeed (and also fail). ‘5 Day Data Science Workshop’ has all the wisdom needed to succeed loaded in the pack. Don’t miss it.


123 Assignments. 15 Quizzes. 4 Projects. 5 Cheat sheets. Do it HONESTLY. You will 100% succeed


While learning, we all get stuck. We all need mentors. Our community of 860+ mentors is all that you will ever need.


1,200+ Data Scientists in single Slack Community. Engaged & responsive.

… is this for me?

Absolute beginners to “I can get some stuff done but don’t feel totally comfortable”.

This course is 100% beginner friendly. No Data Science experience required. Basic programming knowledge is preferred.

We will NOT be covering Python Syntax Line by Line as part of this workshop. However, Python is just like English. The key objective is to get you started.

If you feel like you have some holes in your skill set, could use a refresher or just want to pick up some new tips+tricks, I’d recommend still taking this workshop.

All the code for the course is open source and posted on Github

Nitika Goel

Data Scientist – Mobikwik

“Love their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep. I realized that GreyAtom has an elaborate curriculum which can help me pivot my career in data science”

… we are going to cover …

You can join at any time and get instant access to upcoming batch and receive timely invites to attend sessions

Day #1
Setting you up

Project: Predict if the client will subscribe to a term deposit based on the analysis of the marketing campaigns the bank performed.

  • Introduction to GreyAtom
  • Problem Statement and Understanding the stakeholders
  • Introduction to Glabs
  • Setup Coding Environment
  • Setup Github Account
  • Setup Medium Account

Mentor: Dileep KVS

Day #2
Data Cleaning and Exploration

Exploratory data analysis is an approach to analyzing data sets by summarizing their main characteristics with visualizations.

  • Load and Prepare dataset
  • Check Numeric and Categorical Features¶
  • Check Missing Data
  • Fill null values in continuous features
  • Check for Class Imbalance
  • Detect outliers
  • Univariate analysis of Categorical & continuous columns
  • Bivariate Analysis – Categorical Columns
  • Treating outliers

Mentor: Dileep KVS

Day #3
Model Building and Insights
  • Applying vanilla models on the data
  • Function to Label Encode Categorical variables
    • Fit vanilla classification models
    • Logistic Regression
    • Decision Tree Classifier
    • RandomForest Classifier
    • XGBClassifier
    • Gradient Boosting Classifier
  • Feature Selection
  • Grid-Search & Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Ensembling
  • Prediction on the test data

Mentor: Dileep KVS

Day #4
GitHub Showcase, Blogging and Presentation
  • Creating your first Project on Github
  • How to choose and build your portfolio projects?
  • What are the ideal qualities of a portfolio project?
  • How to showcase your portfolio projects to the world (and potential recruiters)?
  • Sample Presentation

Mentor: Dileep KVS

Day #5
Interview Guides and Career Preparation
  • Discover your learning style
  • What your employer wants?
  • Why do some people succeed?
  • The 100 Day Study Plan
  • What does an Data Science Interview look like?

Mentor: Kritika Agarwal

5 October, 2020 – 9 October, 2020

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM IST

We start Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday.

… we are career transformation leaders in Data Science space …

GreyAtom is at the forefront of initiative and innovation. We are running multiple learner first initiatives.

Learning Platform

GLabs is AI-powered platform to learn AI.

  • 429 Tasks
  • 83 Quizzes
  • 16 Projects.
  • 18 Cheat sheets.

Learning Community

DataGiri – India’a Largest Offline Data Science Community . Over 200+ well attended Meetups conducted across Mumbai, Bengaluru, NCR, Chennai, London


GreyAtom has been at the forefront of defining unique learner experiences. Flipped Classroom, Learn By Doing, Dominant Mode of Learning and more.

Successful Alumni

5,800+ of GreyAtom’s successful alumni are in leadership positions in the Data Science teams globally.

200+ Webinars

The 10,000 Minute Lecture Over 100 Sessions of Community Learning delivered.

Check out the YouTube Playlist for this.

College Festival

DataFest – India’s Largest College Technical Festival. Upskilled more than 75,000 learners Pan-India in Python.

Jointly hosted by the University of Mumbai

… there is more … continue scrolling …

Tons of practice material, this will require a special effort. We will also prescribe material beyond what we have on the platform. GLabs – is an an intelligent platform – We are watching you and cheering you all the way.


… here are few of companies where our students got jobs …

Enterprises, SMEs and startups across all sectors trust the GreyAtom learners with their critical projects.

…we have been featured in

Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

Join 187,263 happy learners. We respect your privacy and information. Remember your investment today is 100% risk free.

… yes – you also get “Python for Data Science” on GreyAtom Learning Platform…

You get this self-paced content (otherwise chargeable) complimentary with 5 Day Workshop.

Sprint #1: Introduction to Data Science

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Core Industry Use Cases
  3. The Data Explosion
  4. Data Scientists – What Do They Do?
  5. Rule-Based Systems vs. Machine Learning
  6. Misconceptions about Machine Learning
  7. Quiz What is Machine Learning?
  8. Supervised ML
  9. Unsupervised ML
  10. Semi-Supervised ML
  11. Deep Learning
  12. Quiz Types of Machine Learning
  13. To ML or Not To ML
  14. ML Workflow
  15. The Path to Data Science

Sprint #2: Getting Started with Python

  1. Getting Started with Python
  2. Why Python for Data Science?
  3. Variables and print statement
  4. Numbers
  5. Strings
  6. Lists
  7. Dictionaries
  8. Tuples
  9. Mutable vs Immutable
  10. Quiz Variables and Data Types in Python
  11. What are Operators?
  12. Arithmetic Operators
  13. Comparison Operators
  14. Logical Operators
  15. Assignment and Bitwise Operators
  16. Membership Operators
  17. Identity Operators
  18. Quiz Operators in Python
  19. Cheat sheet Getting Started with Python
  20. Concept Feedback
  21. Getting Started with Python
  22. Project Student Management System

Sprint #3: Handling Program flow

  1. Handling Program Flow in Python
  2. The if-elif-else Statement
  3. The while Loop
  4. The for Loop
  5. Loop Control Statements
  6. Quiz Control Statements and Loops
  7. Print and Input Statements
  8. Opening and Closing Files
  9. Quiz Files I/O
  10. What are Errors?
  11. Raising Exceptions
  12. Exception Handling with Python
  13. else and finally Clauses
  14. Quiz Exceptions
  15. What is a Function?
  16. Scoping
  17. Lambda Functions
  18. Working with Higher Order Functions
  19. Comprehensions
  20. Quiz Functions
  21. What is Object Oriented Programming?
  22. Creating your Own Class
  23. Quiz Object Oriented Programming
  24. Cheat sheet Handling Program Flow in Python
  25. Concept Feedback
  26. Handling Program Flow in Python
  27. Project Spy Games

…. Which project will you complete?

Predict if the client would subscribe to a term deposit based on a marketing campaign

  • Customer Persona

    This will help the business identify common features of customers and run targetted campaigns

  • Target Audience

    This will help the business optimise the target audience for their new marketing campaign and run the campaigns with optimised budgets

  • Campaign Frequency

    You will recommend the optimum frequency interval to run a targetted marketing campaign without wasting much money

Sprint #4: Manipulating Data with Numpy

  1. Manipulating Data with NumPy
  2. What are Arrays?
  3. Important Array Features
  4. Quiz Arrays in NumPy
  5. Creating with Low-level ndarray Constructor
  6. Creating with Existing Data
  7. Creating with Numerical Ranges
  8. Quiz Creating Arrays with NumPy
  9. Indexing and Slicing
  10. Vectorization
  11. Broadcasting
  12. Why NumPy Arrays over Lists?
  13. Quiz Power of NumPy
  14. Find Roots of a Quadratic Equation
  15. Convert from Centigrade to Fahrenheit
  16. Solving System of Equations with NumPy
  17. Find a 3×3 Non Singular Matrix
  18. Cheatsheet Manipulating Data with NumPy
  19. Concept Feedback
  20. Manipulating Data with NumPy
  21. Project Make Sense of Census

Sprint #5: Data wrangling with Pandas

  1. Introduction to Pandas
  2. Pandas Series
  3. Accessing Data in a Series
  4. Pandas DataFrame
  5. Creating DataFrames
  6. Quiz Pandas DataFrame
  7. File I/O
  8. Quick Exploration of Data
  9. Selection, Creation, and Deletion
  10. Cleaning the Data
  11. Exploring Categorical Data
  12. Exploring Numerical Columns
  13. Quiz Basic Pandas Operations
  14. Conditional Filtering
  15. Apply Functions
  16. Groupby and Sorting
  17. Pivot Tables
  18. Merging DataFrame
  19. Important Takeaways from Pandas
  20. Quiz Advanced Pandas Operations
  21. Additional apply task
  22. Additional Groupby task 1
  23. Additional Groupby task 2
  24. Cheatsheet Data Wrangling with Pandas
  25. Concept Feedback
  26. Data Wrangling with Pandas
  27. Project Loan Approval Analysis

Sprint #6: Visualize Data using Matplotlib

  1. Why Data Visualization?
  2. Bar-chart and Anatomy of a Plot
  3. Line Plots and Plot Customizations
  4. Stacked Bar Chart
  5. Histogram
  6. Scatter Plot
  7. Drawing Multiple Plots
  8. Visualizing Data Effectively
  9. Cheatsheet Visualize Data using Matplotlib
  10. Concept Feedback
  11. Project Visualization for company stakeholders

Varun Panicker

The “5 Day Workshop” is ONE stop shop. If you don’t have it in your arsenal – you are missing something.

5 Day Workshop

499+ GST
  • 1 Project in Your Github Account
  • 1 Blog Post on Medium
  • 5 LIVE Mentor led Sessions
  • 100 Day Study Plan
  • Unlimited Chat Support

Taxes as Applicable. GST @18% – Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

…still thinking if this is right for me?

Here’s what our happy learners had to say about us. Time taken to take decision adds to the cost. ACT NOW!

Jasraj Date
AI Engineer at Imotix
Priyavrat Kagzi

Operations Role

Sr. Associate – Data Science
Abhini Shetye
Assistant Manager
NearPay Science
Shradha Dash
Data Intern at SoluLab

… you can experience this first hand … Join the next session…

Sessions go LIVE each week on Monday 10:30 AM EST / 8:00 PM IST. Book your slot now. Experience the learning experience yourself.

Taxes as Applicable. GST @18% – Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

There is a certain level of comfort when it comes to learning at GreyAtom

Rohin Sequeira, Accenture

I was saturated and I wanted a change. This is one of the best decisions of my life, and I am proud of it.

Archisha Chandel, Tvarit

I recommend all aspirants who want to learn Data Science, that, this is the best place for learning and working on real Industry data sets.

Nitika Goel, Mobikwik

I have never seen such easy notes to study and understand

Lorraine Lasrado, RBL Bank

I saw how linear algebra, statistics, calculus concepts are being used in Machine Learning algorithms to solve real world problems.

Rohan Damodar, TCS
I can’t thank you guys enough for opening up this program…. Never felt so productive!
Sonal Chandra, Nielsen

Today, data science enthusiasts and companies read my blogs and applaud for the kind of research I share. All kudos to GreyAtom and team.

Srishti Sawla, Bharti AXA

Hackathons are some of the best things that set GreyAtom apart from the rest.

Rishabh Mishra, Accelya
It was an amazing experience to join GreyAtom – working with the peers, getting insights from the mentors and learning on an AI-powered platform.
Varun Panickar, Microsoft

At GreyAtom, I really enjoyed the peer-to-peer learning experience. The mentors we got were data science practitioners who experts in their respective fields.

Mudassir Khan, MMS.IND

GreyAtom blends classroom training with practical learning experience, which is necessary to compete in this industry. That’s the beauty of learning at GreyAtom.

Arunabh Singh, Machine Learning Engineer

Even though I was already working as a Data Scientist, my fundamentals weren’t clear. To boost my conceptual knowledge, I needed a program that could leverage my skills. That’s when GreyAtom happened.

Arun Kutty, Deloitte Digital
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.
Satyajit Singh, TestInvent IT Solutions

After investing in this program, I have gained a massive confidence with data science now. All thanks to GreyAtom.

Nikhil Akki, Deloitte Digital

I come with an 8-year experience primarily in Microsoft Technologies. The way I used to code earlier, now I have different perspective to it. Because now, you have to think like a Data Scientist than just a coder.

Kshitij Satpute, Microsoft

The curriculum is so comprehensive and industry-focused with real workflows and tools that will make you fall in love with learning and Data Science.

Shival Patel, Sr. Software Engineer at Lyra Network

The program is a nice blend of theoretical and coding sessions.

Monil Doshi, Purplle

…let me tell you a little secret…

It took me 10,000 hours to discover this secret. I have enabled 1000s of learners use this and make rapid strides.

Shweta Doshi

Co-founder – Chief of Learning

I’m Shweta Doshi and have seen 1000s of people make transition into a Data Science Career. The Data Science – “5 Day Workshop” will help you get started. GreyAtom Courses are the only thing that you will ever need. We have packed everything that you will ever need.

You are about to begin one of the most exciting journeys in your life, and everyone at GreyAtom is eager to help you succeed. Becoming a data scientist takes a lot of your blood and sweat, and with sheer hard work and full support from us, we are sure you will get there!

To maximize your gains from this program, you will also need to put in an equal amount of effort.

  • Spend at least 1 hour per day on GLabs (the GreyAtom Learning Platform), reading the material and solving projects.
  • 86% of our learners who put in more than 6 hours a week have got at least 2 offers at the end of the program.
  • 91% of our learners who pivoted careers worked on Glabs every day. Grit and persistence is the key to success and achieving your goals.

I wish you the best of luck with the program and hope you have as much fun learning, as we had building it for you. Once again, welcome aboard!

Why work in sprints? – It’s not just about speed. It’s also about momentum, focus, and confidence. Learners who use sprints see consistent results. Sprints help you start, keep you focused on what’s important and encourage fast follow-up.

Structured Curriculum – Our structured training program has a clearly detailed schedule, time frame, outline of activities, and assignment of responsibilities. It has well defined goals and consequences. This is to drastically increase the odds of your success.

My mission is simple – I want you to up-skill as a Data Scientist. If you follow the advise herein – you will get the results that you are seeking. I want to make this 100% risk free for you.

A final parting thought –

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”― Aristotle


Co-founder & Chief of Learning

…. more than 10,000 hours have gone in perfecting the learning material …

We know it works. Try it

  • Learn by doing. Get real time feedback on how you are doing.

  • Learner focused – Just the right level of difficulty. It’s challenging but completable.

  • Know where you stand in the group.

  • Making learning easier is NOT the goal. Making learning ‘effective’ is the core mandate.

Taxes as Applicable. GST @18% – Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

Join 187,263 happy learners. We respect your privacy and information. Remember your investment today is 100% risk free.

…who are the mentors?

Industry Practitioners. Experienced. Have Depth. Love Teaching. Above all AMAZING HUMANS.

Fatos Ismali

Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft

Avinash Ahuja

Machine Learning Engineer at Linkedin

Rohit Ghosh

Director of BD at Qure.ai

Schaun Wheeler

Senior Staff Data Scientist at Valassis Digital

Supriya Adep

Software engineer at Fractal

Daniele Rosa

Data Scientist at OSRAM

Vedant Dwivedi

Data Scientist at Jio

Hardik Gupta

Data Scientist at BookMyShow

Shantanu Kumar

Head of AI Products at inFeedo

Hemant Palivela

Senior Manager at eClerx

Parag Pansare

Associate Manager at Accenture

Manas Ranjan Kar

Data scientist at Episource

Bhavesh Bhatt

Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics

Arunabh Majumdar

Senior Data Scientist at Prudential

Sidharth Ramachandran

Head of Data Science at Gfk

Prakash Vanapali

Senior Data Scientist at Fractal

Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

Join 187,263 happy learners. We respect your privacy and information. Remember your investment today is 100% risk free.

… its okay to have QUESTIONS (FAQs)…

Yep – Pay once – get access to 5 Day Workshop.

Yes. As new stuff comes out – we keep on updating the material. The philosophy and reason behind Study Jam is recency of technology.

All of our courses, coding exercises, and projects can be completed from the comfort of your browser, so you won’t need to install any new software or hardware. For the best user experience, we suggest using Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We support IE11 or higher. (Get validated)

Sure do! In your course dashboard you can download an official certificate of completion that can be used to be reimbursed by your employer or land that dream job you are applying for.

2 Hours each day apart from the the Mentor Sessions. You will be able to make the transition.

There will be code-along session of 90 mins everyday for 5 days. We will build a project in those 90 mins everyday. The sprints are reading material which will be given to you to consume on your own. You can prepare for the session with these sprint concepts.
The sessions will be conducted online using a streaming service like zoom. You will receive daily reminders on email, sms and telegram group to join the session.

Sessions will be conducted from 20th July, 2020 to 24th July, 2020. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

The whole idea of this workshop is to prime you for a larger program. You don’t become a Data Scientist in 5 Days.

Too bad. We encourage you to NOT miss these sessions. They are Gold. We have the recording. It is shared.

Absolutely – go nuts! You can credit our course if you like.

You pay for workshop One time.

Sure – email me at growth@greyatom.com or give me a call at +91 79770 15952

Nope! Anyone interested in data science and analytics can register to learn new skills. Even if you are fresh out of college OR have never coded.

… our learners love us …

We at GreyAtom deeply impact peoples life and it shows. See what some of them had to say about us.

… and you’ll get a Certificate too

We know the importance of certificate and want you to have some credit for attending the workshop. If you are college graduate – we can issue NAAC and NBA compliant Internship Certificate on Completion of “Python for Data Science” on request.

… immediate next steps after you register for the workshop…

We are with you – always

Get into learner only Telegram Group. Receive real time updates.

Respond to Pre-workshop Survey. This will help us understand you better.

You will get an Invoice and email with all the next steps

Join the GreyAtom Learning Platform to start learning.

We expect you to attend 90 minutes of session each day

We expect you to study 90 minutes each day.

Total (Rs 589/-). Register before October 4, 2020 to get into the workshop starting on October 5, 2020

Join 187,263 happy learners. We respect your privacy and information. Remember your investment today is 100% risk free.